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Go big in Dubai, Says Kathy Petrino

June 25, 2020

For the avid international traveler, the phrase “go big or go home” applies perfectly to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The largest city as well as the most populous in the UAE, Dubai sits along the Persian Gulf with a skyline of brilliant skyscrapers. Always with a journey to share -- her own or one on the bucket list -- traveler and writer Kathy Petrino suggests Dubai for someone wanting a larger than life experience in his or her international adventures. Whether it’s seeing the world’s largest theme park or world’s tallest building or the world’s first rotating skyscraper, coming in 2020, Dubai is known for its grandeur beyond words. Kathy Petrino notes that it will cost a pretty penny for these travels -- from shopping to beaches and more -- but every penny will be well worth it in this luxurious city.